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Spector - 100 Club, London

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There's no doubt about it, Spector are having the time of their lives at the moment. Hot-footing it back to the capital fresh from putting Florence's crowd through their paces at a Nottingham enormodome, this is the London quintet's second 100 Club gig sold out show in a week. And with a clutch of landmark warm-ups slots at Ally Pally to come, the five-piece is brimming with exuberance and joie de vive, which proved infectious.

A quirky indie rock 'n' roll producers' dream - all cheekbones, suits as sharp as bread knives and more nonchalance than you can shake a Frenchman's bread stick at - Spector appear to have arrived fully formed, and in frontman Fred Macpherson they may well have their trump card. Oozing geek-chic but with the stage patter of a music hall veteran, if he could just rein his mouth in a bit, big things lie ahead for Mr Macpherson and co.

They don't lack an ear for a rip-roaring indie-disco anthem, that's for sure. They first strayed on to my radar thanks to the omnipresence of single 'Chevy Thunder'. Blending Springsteen's bombast, with Killers-esque hooks and scuzzy Strokes-inflected guitars - it's a noteworthy opening gambit. But surprisingly, there's far more laying in wait from their as-yet-unnamed debut album (due out on April 30). 'Never Fade Away' and 'Grey Shirt and Tie' are both super-poptastic too, and while the set does sag a little in the middle, the whip-tight outfit quickly regroup to finish with a flourish. If this material has been given the right treatment in the studio, 2012 could be a big year for Spector indeed.

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Spector - 100 Club, London - Gigs - Reviews - Soundblab
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