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Avi Buffalo - London Scala

by Louise Harlow Rating: Release Date:

The gratuitously talented and monikered Avigdor Zahner-Isen brings his feted slacker-pop outfit to the Scala a year on from releasing that mind-blowingly awesome ST debut record. Putting aside for a moment the surrealism of a 20-year-old west coast gawk intro-ing his stash of off-kilter pop gems with "Ok here's another old one", you have to give it to the kid. It's all there: the effortless dexterity of guitar shimmers, those keening (if divisive) vocal wobbles, and the dark amorous brilliance of a randy Brian Wilson.

Perhaps where the wheels threaten to come off though is the verbal foreplay with a terse audience, where at best Zahner-Isen skitters between fevered awkwardness, and what appear to be power-tripping tangents... Cue confusing disjoints involving the summoning on/off-stage of band members and protracted mid-set ramblings which threatened to linger long in the mind.

Which is a massive shame, since the preternatural pep talk of 'Where's Your Dirty Mind' and the solid brilliance of 'Truth Sets In' alone show this is a set-up worth sticking with.

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