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JUNIP - The Scala, London

by Louise Harlow Rating: Release Date:

And so the descent into shameless Scandinavophile territory continues apace. Having glutted upon the shoegazey shimmer of Stockholm collective Sad Day Puppets, the only acceptable progression seems to be he, that most disappointingly non-Swedish looking of Swedes, Jose Gonzales.

The clincher with Gonzales' side project Junip is they've savvy with soundscapes which are at once both widescreen, yet palpably intimate. On shy epics like 'In Every Direction' the back porch candour of Gonzales's disarming vocals rides atop stratospherically vast jams and burbling synths- it all feels a bit like a camping trip to a volcanic desert on Mars. Which I imagine is pretty bloody spectacular...

Throughout the Scala set, drawn largely from 2010's LP Fields, , the unlikely bed fellows of Tobia Winterkorn's moog and Gonzales' acoustic noodlings point to Junip possibly being the modest heir apparent to the psychedelic kinesis of Morrison and the Doors (check: 'Rope & Summit') , collectively drawing its spectators into a musical drive-in of sunspots and shivers. Gonzales' louche delivery provides the portal to hazy high-fives that J-Mo was always scrabbling about for, minus tendencies toward heroic whiskey sour consumption, popularising on-stage indecent exposure and banging Nico in the middle of a desert.

Come the encore, what had previously been the world's most incongruous and under-used mirrorball is cranked into life for a startlingly engaging wrap-up take on 'Without You'. It's all really rather like slipping into a warm, psychedelic Swedish bath, and proof that two squillion bouncy balls belting down a San Franciscan boulevard need not herald sound of your credibility quietly closing the door as it leaves...

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