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Oya Festival and Field Day Showcase - XOYO, Shoreditch

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So those nice Nordic people at Øya Festival have hooked up a musical high-five with London's own Field Day to create a night of Scandi-Britannical musical whatnots at Shoreditch's XOYO.

Oslo-reared openers Team Me appear on the face of it to be endowed with the free-wheeling propulsion of Funeral-era Arcade Fire - set highlight 'Weather Vanes and Chemicals' rattles along with an almost incidentally affecting ramshackle hook, the chorus of which proves there really is nothing like a few well-placed electronic twiddles and ebullient 'woops' to make you feel really rather magnificent and gloom-impervious (??). While elsewhere, there are shivery moments of Sufjan Stevens-esque delicacy on tracks like 'Fool' and 'Winter Olympics'. So far, so dandy. This raggedly easy way with a pop sensibility marks TM as an endearingly giddy collective; soaked up in the heat of the moment and viewed through the rosy tint of merlot goggles, they certainly did engage 'giddy/fawning' mode in my grey matter. And yet, by morning, taken for a second spin in the cold light of day with only a shitty frieze dry java for company, I found my gid to be almost entirely immune to its charms......

Ooh hello, it's Fever Ray! No, wait a minute, it's Lykke Li... Errr... No matter that Lucy Swann is a chip off the old Scandi-quirk-nymph block, she turns out a neat little oeuvre of bell-tinkling, chime-worrying 'if you go down to the woods...' synth haze. It's all hip-engagingly natty stuff, particularly on 'The Little Death' as Swann's jittery vocals lurk amongst a Munsters-redolent synthesised burble... All of which really rather makes me want to strap on a giant crow beak a la The Knife and mince around thickets looking for my marbles and electronic immortality...

Heading towards the closing set by the conspicuously English three-piece Fiction, I found myself clearly in the two per cent non-nordic quota of XOYO, as the room emptied faster than tourists out of Tripoli, and those remaining became distinctly less good looking... Which is a small shame, as they channelled the spirit of OK Go so disturbingly well on 'Big Things' that by the end of the night I'd erroneously (and yet, entirely) convinced myself that it was an OK Go track. (which, although a poor reflection of my retention of the 30 track, deluxe issue of Of the Blue Colour of The Sky, is a good transference skill on their part...). Elsewhere, a visually pleasing set-up involving stand-up skin beating and an ever-revolving rota for vocal/guitar duties jazzed-up the elastic pop perk of highlight track 'Phyllis'.

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