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Sparkadia - Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

by Lawrence Poole Rating: Release Date:

Occationally, as a reviewer, something will land on your desk which genuinely blows the musical cobwebs away. And so it happened way back in 2007, when the Things Behind the Sun EP by Sparkadia had me eulogising about its merits to anybody who listen, and then nothing... Four years on and cut glass-voiced Aussie Alex Burnett is back.

After shedding the rest of line-up due to motherhood and a general parting of ways, it was reassuring to see the Sydney soundscapist hasn't lost any of his unerring ear for a hit-you-between-the-temples melody. Taking to the stage at the cosily packed Hoxton hangout to promote comeback single, 'Mary', there was a tantalisingly short seven-song set.

And what a comeback single it is too. All swooping, yearning vocals and chiming keyboards - it's a stellar hit in the making. Elsewhere, 'Hurt Me' and 'Fingerprints' proffer more of the same, blending rumbling White Lies-esque basslines with a soaring vocal delivery not unlike Starsailor's James Walsh. A brave cover of Kelis' 'Acapella' and an electro-tastic 'China' bring things to an enjoyable, if premature close.

Burnett's cowboy brooch may have been more T-Bone Burnett than Alex Burnett, but hopefully this time Sparkadia will ignite the music scene for longer.

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