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Miss Quincy - The Adelphi, Leeds

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This is not what I expected. Having listened to and quite enjoyed Miss Qunicy's rumbustious debut, Your Mama Don't Like Me, soaking in the authentically down-home, bluegrass atmosphere she captured as the album was recorded in her Canadian cabin during a cold snap. From this, and the songs detailing whisky-guzzling bad women and philandering men, I'd build an image of Miss Quincy that's perhaps best described as being a combination of Patti Smith (1975 model) and Starbuck from the re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica.

What I get when I enter the upstairs room of the Adelphi is an eye-full of a young woman in a waistcoat, jeans and cowgirl-ish hat, bopping around on stage with an acoustic guitar. She looks like a pleasant young lady in her early 20s from a nice family all dressed up for a fun weekend at the V Festival where she'll probably enjoy watching Kings of Leon on the Advert Stage. I don't want to judge so harshly on appearances, but as I say, this just wasn't what I was expecting. The image I had built up - this slightly grizzled and tomboyish singer - is irrevocably punctured.

If I was going to use a word to describe the Miss Quincy I see tonight, it would be 'perky'. And perky, when you're singing a song like the battered but defiant 'Dead Horse' or the booze-hardened but vulnerable 'Record Store', just doesn't work. Sure, she's a skilled performer, constantly looking for ways to engage with the audience, but there's an unappealing whiff of stage school hanging over proceedings. When she belts out 'Bad Luck Woman', a Memphis Minnie cover and album highlight, it's disturbingly easy to picture her as a character in some Gawd-forsaken bluegrass-themed episode of Glee.

Oddly, for music of this type and considering the way her album was recorded, Miss Quincy's performance is not helped by the intimate setting. She probably would go down better at a festival, or a similar environment with a party atmosphere. But tonight, I feel short-changed. To stick with TV analogies, this time True Blood, I was expecting Tara and I got dog-gone Sookie instead.

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