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Topman CTRL MX Show - Stoke Newington Airport

by Lawrence Poole Rating: Release Date:

Not a bad old way to kickstart the weekend! Hip, underground hangout in an ultra-arty London neighbourhood, three fast-rising acts, free drinks courtesy of Mr Topman and lads about town and all-round good guys Huw Stephens (Radio 1) and James Buckley (Inbetweeners) on presenter duties. In fact, so underground is Stoke Newington Airport, it was an effort even finding the departures lounge.

Once located though, it was well worth the schelp up to North East London, with the modish Miles Kane leading from the front with his whirling dervlish of a recent single, Inhaler. The former Rascal and Shadow Puppet's voice proves just as velvety smooth and powerful live as on record and explains just why Mr Turner collaborated with him in the first place.

Leeds' Pulled Apart By Horses prove an entirely different, yet equally compelling proposition - particularly in such intimate surroundings with 'High Five, Swan Dive, Noise Dive' meshing melody with raucous vocals and sesmic drumming to rip a serious hole into the backside of Friday night. The razor sharp Mr Buckley's personal pick, States of Emotion - a band he has known since his own days spent in band rehearsals before acting steered him down a different career path - are a real unknown, but interesting quantity. All steely eyes and intense emotions, the hotchpotch mixture from Essex's blend of indie, folk and rock is worth a second glance.

Top night from the PR bods at Topman and Channel 4, lets hope the rest of the series proffers a similar crop.

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