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Karnivool - Scala

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One cannot really sing the praises of Karnivool highly enough. Even though they hail from my home country of Aus, there is really no patriotic bias involved in my interest in this band. As a live act I don't think I have ever seen better. They are immaculate.

Touring off the back of their most recent release Sound Awake, the band sold out their London show at Scala. This took me by surprise but, thankfully, the snow had meant a few scousers couldn't make it to the gig so Gumtree came to my aid and, for an ever so slightly elevated price, I was able to attend. Having caught parts of the Jurojin and Kill Goliath warm up sets, I was moderately concerned for the sound quality. In my two previous Karnivool experiences, the sound quality was amazing and effectively CD quality. However, the technician (possibly a D&B fan) controlling the mixers for the first two bands had revved the kick drum up so high it was nearly causing cardiac arrest amongst the crowd. In fact it was so distracting I left the room.

When Karnivool kicked off their set with the new track 'Simple Boy', the kick drum was still maxed out. However, before the song was even halfway through, the issue had been rectified and the remainder of the set was flawless. The musicianship of each member plus the band's ability to recreate, on stage, every single little sound off their often multi-layered tracks is absolutely incredible. However, the night belonged to vocalist Ian Kenny. It is his ability to emulate his recorded powerful and sometimes eerie vocals absolutely perfectly on stage which makes Karnivool truly remarkable and one of the best modern prog bands around. Indeed, while the bands recorded works are fantastic, it is their live show which needs to be seen and heard to be believed. In fact the live show is actually somewhat more accessible to a mainstream audience than their albums. Every song played drew the crowds ear and with older tracks like Themata driving the mosh, this is a gig I won't soon (ever) forget.

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