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Frankie Rose & the Outs - St Phils Church, Manchester

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I've always loved mixing up a bit of goth with the girl group thing, clothes, music, whatever. Frankie Rose has obviously totally stolen the idea. After a few stints in both West Coast (Dum Dum Girls) and East Coast US bands (The Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts) playing bass and drums, and with the people she reportedly hangs out with (Velvet Underground, Phil Spector), this mixed up vibe in what she does isn't surprising.

Apparently, she has left behind her lo-fi roots and has gone for a more hi-fi feel for the band's album, but you couldn't tell as they worked their way through songs like 'Girlfriend Island' and the ridiculously catchy 'Candy', both of which are filled with reverbed vocals and fuzzy guitar. Looking somewhat nervous at playing their first ever UK gig in such sacred surroundings, Frankie timidly introduced their version of NYC icon Arthur Russell's 2004 album track 'You Can Make Me Feel Bad', which hasn't been altered at all just given female vocals.

Taking that low-fi feel of bands she's played in, which is becoming popular in varying ways with the likes of Best Coast, Times New Viking, Woods and a whole host of bands who have already become as incestuous as the Black Sabbath family tree, Frankie Rose & the Outs chose to mix it up with the sounds of The Cure, The Ramones and Jesus & Mary Chain. Predominantly the latter, as a knowledgeable colleague of mine so rightly commented straight after the gig.

The songs flit between a feeling of hardly practiced, innocent, novice musicians and some kind of purposeful disorientation, but they all sound good live, and have more substance and variety to their melodies than some of the rest of these coastally-based acts. It's not a new idea by any means, but one that's been a tried and tested formula for bands who have gathered cult followings, and maybe it could work for Frankie.

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