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The Drums - HMV Forum

by Louise Harlow Rating: Release Date:

Welcome to the camp ballet that is The Drums live. Showing up at the Forum like the silk/denim camp re-imagining of the The Breakfast Club brats, and possibly being the only band since the Andrews Sisters to open and close their set with a curtsey, a dandy statement of intent has been issued....

Apt then to pogo straight into the idle melodrama of 'My Best Friend' and the limitless flamboyance of Jonathan Pierce's stage repartee. Resplendent in blonde pudding bowl barnet and increasingly resembling the second, camped-out, hand-wringing coming of Morrissey, Pierce is engagingly unhinged.

Just as fudding well, since the foppish theatricals brush off the nagging feeling you get listening to their S/T debut album that - between Pierce's arch sneer and spanking new guitarist Tom Haslow's windmill-prone legs, who cares? He could well be reciting the contents of his unfilled Ritalin prescription, and more than likely he'd be winning. No surprises, the downwards bass drive of 'Let's Go Surfing' summons the inevitable pogo-rippling highlight across the Forum, all handclaps, whistles and winsome surf rock harmonies.

The only thing likely to spoil your 2000-man dance party here is a small tolerance for flattery. This is a derivative sound, and there's no real way of getting round it. The exposed, circulating basslines may have been cranked up a few notches from black brooding to idly dejected, but there's still a sizeable doff of the hat to Joy Division in Pierce and co's writing idiom. This, however, is a band who (claim to, at least) wilfully seek a one-80 to the zeitgeist of their Brooklyn counterparts, and blast through modern pop culture with the gearstick jammed firmly in reverse.

So while during the encore Pierce leads his assembled masses in the 60s-slow-dance-you-never-had of 'Down By the Water', like the demented Little Lord Fauntleroy of Pop, the best you can do is embrace the sway, and admit there's some pretty nice backwards scenery to be had out of the window...

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