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Les Savy Fav - Electric Ballroom, London

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It's the last night of Les Savy Fav's tour with Sky Larkin and Cloud Nothing, and lead singer Tim Harrington is feeling tired. Dressed in blue and white stripped pyjamas, he lies down for a quick nap before the show. It's a serene scene. He sleeps curled up, his portly belly peeking out of the shirt, he mutters and rolls over, and his hand moves down towards his crotch. All of a sudden he leaps up and grabs the mic, as the rest of the band pick up their instruments. Harrington happens to have taken his nap on the stage of the Electric Ballroom in Camden, in front of an eager crowd. Everyone there knows that this will be a good show.

During the gig, Harrington has more costume changes than a pop diva, climbs the lighting rig, spends more time in the crowd than on stage, injuries himself at least twice, steals a lamp from one of the techies and uses it as his own spotlight, throws flapjacks into the audience, moves the amps to the front of the stage and forces the rest of the band to stand on them, attempts to reach the mic from the gallery, and rips two holes in his t-shirt to reveal his nipples and dances suggestively. If he was a young child, rather than a burly, balding yet hairy ginger man, then his mother would have him drugged up on Ritalin just to keep her sanity. It's quite a sight to see a mass of skinny indie boys attempting to hold him up as he leaps into the crowd, without a fear of not being caught.

Harrington has a habit of stealing the show, and while all eyes are on him as he flings himself at a couple, and the girl strokes his head like a puppy, the rest of the band are the ones driving what we're all actually there for - the music. Les Savy Fav's post-punk is all driving drums, angular guitars, and the most danceable bass lines. Every single song is electric and the time goes past way too fast. Mixing new songs with old, everyone is met with applause, but crowd pleasers are definitely 'Patty Lee' and 'Who Rocks the Party'.

When the band leaves the stage for the final time and Harrington announces, "Is that it? I don't want to go," no one wants him to leave either, but it's a Monday night and most of the crowd will have work the next day, so it's probably a good idea that he does, as we'd all still be there otherwise.

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