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Slow Club - The Leadmill, Sheffield

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Arriving relatively early to catch support act The Crookes, it came as a bit of a shock to find a further two bands were on the bill at The Leadmill. So it became something of a marathon wait to catch the headliners, Sheffield's very own Slow Club, as a trio of fellow Yorkshire bands were in support. The first band, Hey Sholay, playing fairly harmless indie came and went without much of a fuss but didn't offend, which can't be said of Alvarez Kings, who, despite good intentions, failed to deliver. Their unimaginative indie-rock offerings didn't grip a fairly sparse crowd at this point and reminded of The Courteeners, not something to be proud of. The Crookes took up base in the second room, surprisingly, which was soon filled to bursting as their romantic indie-pop lifted the mood, with 'Backstreet Lovers' a particular highlight of a short but energetic set.

The main event was upon us at last as The Leadmill was now buzzing with anticipation to see the home-town heroes in action. A confident performance from the duo of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor unfolded as their indie-folk musings of loves lost and found delighted an adoring audience. With 2009 debut album Yeah So placed firmly under their belts, Slow Club are at ease on stage and have an excellent collection of songs to run through. The strong vocals compliment each other and their kooky nature is there for all to see.

A mixture of up and slow-tempo in a set in which the only criticism was the time on stage, at about 40 minutes only. Songs including 'I Was Unconscious', 'It Was a Dream', 'Christmas TV' and 'Giving Up on Love' saw Slow Club at their best with jangling guitars and soaring vocal harmonies, played with total enthusiasm. Perhaps the highlight was 'Our Most Brilliant Friends', a song which grips you as it shifts through the gears into a perfect piece of pop. They even had a bit of help with a drummer and bass guitarist brought on stage to give the song a richer sound and it certainly worked. A couple of new songs were also scattered amongst the tried and tested so hopefully a second album will follow and this excellent duo can continue to thrive.

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