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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Electric Ballroom

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Witnessing The Dillinger Escape Plan take the stage is a site for any metal fan's saw eyes. The group, hailing from Morris Plains, New Jersey, are one of those bands that have managed to amass a tidal wave of fans, yet maintain a consistently high level of credibility. Undoubtedly, it is the energy and vivaciousness of the band's live show that has facilitated this uncompromising status.

As the first chord was played, the bar area was all but left to the tumble weeds and the wall of sound that is The Dillinger Escape Plan crashed down on the waiting crowd. The band took no time at all to begin revving the audience into a front section frenzy and, not to be left out, the band took its physical fury out on some unsuspecting swing lights which were left dangling tantalisingly just above head height at the front of the stage.

While Dillinger's 'math-core' style lends itself to making a raucous cacophony, it is the melding of noise and melody that gives Dillinger its incredible appeal. Early in the set, the band rolled out 'Gold Teeth on a Bum', one of the bands newer songs, which is incredible on CD and is nothing if not mind-blowing live. With singer Greg Puciato demonstrating his impressively versatile vocal range, the band trawled through its selection of crowd pleasers. With the band's newest material such as 'Chinese Whispers' bringing equally wide smiles to the crowd as more established tunes like 'Black Bubblegum', Dillinger is a band clearly continuing to find its stride.

The fact that the explosiveness of The Dillinger Escape Plan shared the celebratory stage with Guy Fawkes night was an irony not lost on many, but without any doubt the biggest fireworks of the 2010 bonfire night were not seen in the night sky above Clapham Common, they were seen on a stage in a Camden venue called Electric Ballroom.

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