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I had the pleasure of checking out South Hampton's Garage rock finest, Band of Skulls. Having been likened to The Dead Weather, I'm sure supporting that band earlier in the year along with an itunes single of the week has played a major part to their rapidly increasing fan base resulting in a sold out Forum show. BOS have only been going since 2008 and have released only one album. Yet they command the presence of a much more experienced band, largely due to a number of their tracks being used on soundtracks for TV and film, including Twilight: New Moon and Gossip Girl.

The vocals of Russell Marsden (guitar) and Emma Richardson (bass) blend so beautifully together to create a voluptuous, rich textured sound, perfect for transposing from epic ballads such as 'Fires' to the more bluesy rock sound of 'Blood'. They announced at the beginning of the set that they were going to play all their songs for us and for most bands this wouldn't be wise. After all, there is usually some filler in any band's repertoire somewhere. But no, BOS didn't put a foot wrong, each song perfectly delivered and well received. They are one of those rare bands which can produce an album full of stand-alone hits.

The only problem with only having one album and being so bloody good is that in what seemed like only moments (It was over 60 minutes) it was all over. Closing with the glorious, building-of-a-sound-wall epic 'Impossible' couldn't have worked better. The crowed loved it and so did I. Let's hope they get back in the studio soon.

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