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In The City - Day 3 - Manchester - various venues

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Day three and first up are Easter at Band on The Wall. Like with many of this years In the City artists, the 80s are the main reference point. Easter are particularly focused on the vocals of Ian McCulloch and the spectral guitars of Chameleons. However, there is much more to the band. There are touches of Americana, heavily delayed guitars on the lighter numbers and at times they resemble Teenage Fanclub or AC Acoustics. The final song ends with five minutes of patient repetitive guitar and bass with shards of lead guitar noise over the top. A cracking finale.

After a brief soiree of the Guided By Voices/slacker melodies of Milk Maid and the Neil Young meets shimmering guitars/multi-faceted vocals of The Bewitched Hands, a sort of Okkervil Social Scene, it's off to Soup Kitchen for unsigned Manchester band Slow Motion Shoes. They announce they are going to play pop songs and they are true to their word. With vocals similar to Disco Inferno and a summery calypso meets anorak sound, Slow Motion Shoes are possibly the highlight of In the City. Combining elements of Ooberman, Belle and Sebastian, Everything but the Girl and Monkey Swallows the Universe, the band's songs are spiky, tight and hook-laden, with the audience showing a particular liking to the track 'Brendan Fraser', possibly their signature tune. The performance is all the more impressive as this is only their second gig. Slow Motion Shoes should be massive. Go see them while they're still playing intimate gigs such as these.

Back to Band on the Wall for Porcelain Raft, the solo outfit of Mauro Remiddi from Sunny Day Sets Fire. Mauro combines vocals that veer from plaintive to falsetto, a slow beat, moody electronics, minor-key piano and some lovely slow-building guitar effects. Occasionally resembling the soundtrack to Midnight Caller, the sound is very chilled and uplifting. Music to listen to at the very end of the night as the sun is coming up.

Sadly, only a couple of songs from the Bjork meets School of Seven Bells chanteuse Glasser's set at The Ruby Lounge is heard before a rush off to the Roadhouse for Gallops. Like their kindred spirits 65 Days of Static and Battles, Gallops treat us to a mesmerising trance-like mix of glitchy analogue electronics and stop-start guitars. Like Blade Runner or The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy revisited, Gallops would be the house band at the end of the Universe, and are a great finish to the festival.

So, three days and 21 bands later, In the City was an excellent showcase of mostly new artists, with many bands that I'll be seeing again and many you should see too.

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