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Big Chill House's 4th Birthday Party - Big Chill House

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If you've ever fancied a bit of a classy drink in Pentonville (and aren't a guest of Her Majesty), you've probably spent more than one night of the last four years up in Big Chill's North London outpost. Keeping true to it's festival and Brick Lane vibes, the bar, a maze of little rooms and terraces, celebrated its birthday with a rather eclectic party.

With free drinks for members (and the press... Oh! the perks) from seven, the ever increasing crowds were definitely in the mood to groove, and groove they were given. Kicking off with Bruk Out, hip hop hits and head-bobbers were mixed up and spat out with something nearing aplomb, although I've heard better mixing in many an aspiring DJ's bedroom. Mercifully, they were off by half-nine, replaced by the excellent Doctor's Orders.

Kicking out old skool classics from Missy, Jurassic 5 and the like, cutting up some deeper reggae joints and dancehall grooves too, the Spin Doctor made sure that the dancefloor a) filled and b) GOT DOWN. It was a real shame he only got half an hour, but the excitement for El-B, up and coming grime whizkid, was palpable. Herein followed the most surreal hour of music selection: Latin. There was salsa, rhumba, cubana, tango, samba and God knows what else, and nothing at all remotely connected to the gritty streets of London, but instead, a wild evocation of the Carribbean and South America.

Surprisingly, the crowd went mental - never have I seen Strictly take to the streets of North London with such alacrity. Wondering where on earth this could go, I watched Toddla T take to the booth with interest. Bouncing around with youthful, Northern energy, and with the massive banger 'Rice and Peas' up his sleeve, I was vindicated: the man's a genius in the studio, and a great party DJ to boot.

He smashed, mashed and mixed a whole kaleidoscope of dance music, from house, hip hop, reggae, grime, soul, r&b and even a cheeky little bit of rock music in there - even dubstep sounded fun when the T got his mitts on it. By the end of his set, the crowd was sweaty, jammed and giving it more than just large.

If you want a birthday party with a bang - call your friends. If your friends include Toddla T, you'll be raving about it for at least a year.

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