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The Answering Machine - Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

by Lawrence Poole Rating: Release Date:

It's often said you only remember the good times. So a year after leaving Manchester, following a six-year stint immersing myself in the local gig scene, I was intrigued to see if one of the Rainy City's budding indie outfits were as good as I remembered.

Sadly, things seems to have a gone a little astray for quintet The Answering Machine since the release of their debut offering, Another City, Another Sorry. The charm of the Strokes-infused anthems the Manchester University-formed band peddled in the mid-00s seems to have disappeared if the new material they aired here is anything to go by. Commanding frontman Martin Colclough is not the performer of old too, caught between some cod-Wombats and Pulp tribute act, while bassist Gemma Evans' sweet backing vocals are lost in the mix. It's depressing as the set is sprinkled with moments reminding you how good they can be.

Opener 'Oh Christina' bounces along with verve and power and closer 'Oklahoma' sparks a mass sing-a-long. In between though, new single 'Hospital' and the shouty Pigeon Detectives-esque new single 'Animals' are completely unmemorable. I just hope they have that grower quality, which will mean a lasting impact strikes once the record hits the shops in early 2011 - I don't want those rose-tinted glasses to be blurry.

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