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Crocodiles - Corsica Studios

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Forming in 2008, after leaving an early incarnation of The Dum Dum Girls, San Diego duo Crocdiles released their debut album Summer of Hate with Fat Possum Records. We caught their headline slot at Corsica Studios. I was surprised to see five people take to the stage as Crocodiles are a duo and usually play with a drum machine, but getting in session musicians was a really good idea as it rounded out their sound and, in truth, went a long way to making what was a truly awesome performance.

Their music is scuzzy, low-fi 60s garage rock, heavily influenced by surf doo wop. Wearing their influences on their sleeves, it's very easy to draw comparisons to other bands but it's not one band, it's many bands and each song draws a different comparison. Personally, I think this is genius; each song sounds a little familiar and instantly likeable. They make you want to dance and sing along even if, like me, you are mumbling and making up the words.

Now, I mentioned dancing, and full props to lead singer Brandon Welchez: dressed in dark denim, shades on with his Bob Dylan bouf, he can out twitch, jerk and hip thrust even The Drums' Jonathan Pierce and looks so goddam cool doing it.

With no encore they finished with 'I Wanna Kill'. Leaving the audience wanting more, they left the stage to the echo of reverb not to return. And I doubt they will return to such small venues like Corsica, judging from what I just saw, I am sure they will be onto much bigger and better things. Definitely a band to watch.

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