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The Depreciation Guild - The Parish, Huddersfield

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A Thursday night and a last minute change of venue and city for Brooklyn's The Depreciation Guild. Relocating for a free gig to a small rock pub, the Parish, in Huddersfield, the venue is a small outhouse at the back of the pub. While this might seem primitive surroundings for the US visitors, the acoustics the venue produces is perfect for the band.

The Depreciation Guild envelop the small audience with a beautiful wall of swirling guitar, with the vast majority of the set pulled from their excellent second album, Spirit Youth. The album opener ' My Chariot' is an early highlight, minimal electronics and a drum-machine beat lead into reverb-drenched guitar. Kurt Feldmann's rather fey vocals are barely audible in the shoegazing noise, but rather than being a hindrance, it adds greatly to the balance of the band, a pattern repeated throughout the set.

With nods to Prefab Sprout, Animal Kingdom and even the long-lost and great Sweet Jesus, The Depreciation Guild are a revelation, with an amazingly tight and well rehearsed set that got most heads nodding. The barn-like venue itself made the night feel more like a private party rather than just a gig. After 40 minutes, they end with the deliriously effortless 'Dream About Me' - a dreamy pop song that sums up the performance.

With half of the band being part of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (singer and rhythm guitarist Kurt is their drummer and lead guitarist Christian, their live guitarist), The Depreciation Guild's appearances on these shores may be rather rare, so go see them when they're here. They'll leave you with a warm, fuzzy and glorious feeling of a night well spent.

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