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Hot Club De Paris - Proud, Camden

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With a crowd space twice as wide as it is deep, Proud Camden is the Venus Fly Trap of London venues. It allows the greatest number of fans to be as close to the stage as possible while giving the band the best chance of capturing a new audience. As the crowd grows, the thoroughfare at the of the rear of the room swiftly reduces and those not necessarily there for the band currently on stage are at least slowed as they attempt to pass. Of course, the venue can only offer so much in the way of encouraging the apathetic passer by to stop and smell the roses. The rest comes down to the musicians.

At 11pm, Hot Club de Paris took to the Proud stage as the penultimate performance of the evening. By this time some of the attendees of the earlier acts had seemingly already made their excuses and the thoroughfare at the rear was well and truly open. Half a song in however, and Hot Club had already woven their web, closed the gap, and a sizeable gaggle of unwitting music fans were well and truly stuck. Of course this is not saying that a good proportion of the crowd were not there specifically for Hot Club de Paris. However the lack of fan lip syncing and the obvious unawareness of the call and response in the song 'Fuck You, the Truth!' demonstrated well enough that for some this was their first taste of these Liverpool lads.

By the third song, the toe tapping and cheesy grins of a satiated audience were obvious. Through a combination of fast hopping indie guitar hooks; the surprising smooth scouser harmony of all three members contributing to the vocals; and a good taste of banter from the guitar weilding Matthew Smith, the Hot club stage presence was infectious. The swift but satisfying 'My Little Haunting' was the crowd pleaser of a well constructed set. As it came to a close, the number of new Hot Club fans in the audience had swelled and, while the venue had assisted in bringing them, it was certainly the band that had kept them interested.

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