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Dum Dum Girls - Sound Control, Manchester

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God knows what ridiculous, mod-worshipping hole The Long March have crawled out off with their Weller haircuts and shirts buttoned all the way to the neck, but they should return there forthwith before they do any more damage to music with their tedious trad rock, full of lazy pretentions of authenticity and redundant blokey 'realness'.

Dum Dum Girls, on the other hand, make no such claims to authenticity. Their basic rock 'n' roll clatter may plough roughly the same furrow as The Long March, but these ladies make no bones about the fact they're drawing on rock's past for the sake of entertainment, and, boy, do they put on a show. From the moment they emerge onto the stage, their star quality is clear, especially in the case of front-woman Dee Dee. Mixing The Ramones leather-clad street punk look with a sleek, slightly goth glamourpuss aesthetic, they look the business. When they launch into their set, beginning with a mesmerising cover of The Rolling Stones' 'Play with Fire' before working their way through debut album I Will Be, they sound the business too.

Unleashed from the lo-fi tinniness of their recordings, Dum Dum Girls really, truly rock. Their best songs, 'Bhang, Bhang, I'm a Burnout' and 'Jail La La', are fearsome. The talent and musicianship of the individual members is immediately apparent, as powerful riffs and sky-scraping harmonies pile on top of each other. For all that , however, it's the band's stage presence which really knocks you out. Every detail is perfect. Winningly, drummer Sandy Vu sits with a fan to her right-hand side, causing her hair to ripple dramatically while she pounds away. Meanwhile, Dee Dee, with her teardrop eye makeup and sparkly jacket, is like a 21st century Marc Bolan, bopping and jiving away.

We'll have to see where Dum Dum Girls go from here. Realistically, there's only so much mileage in I Will Be's fuzzy super-slacker sound. However, no one watching tonight can doubt that this band has the potential for a truly great rock 'n' roll record inside them. Right now, they put on a hypnotically great live show and that's enough.

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