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Cloud Control - The Luminaire

by Louise Harlow Rating: Release Date:

Despite some pre-gig dinner timing issues involving an amphetamine-deranged waitress and my inability to walk away from half-finished Italian food, we made Cloud Control's Luminaire set just in the nick of time.

We lucked out with a liquor-prioritised crowd which was thicker at the bar than down the business end, and the Luminaire's open stage lay-out, which allowed a borderline-violation view of the band. The shiny, infectious pop wares as promised by the magic of the internet were on full display in 'This is What I Said' and 'Deathcloud'- here is a band who know their way around a three minute burst of uplift. The former's keening harmonies are reminiscent of the presently AWOL Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and share's CYHSY's tendency to buoy a pretty tune with some pensive lyrics.

There was also much in their set to disprove any suggestions that Cloud Control is a one-trick pop pony. 'Into the Line' smouldered in its live incarnation, all echoing vocals and roaming basslines, making for an unexpectedly psychedelic soundscape. Meanwhile the quiet grandeur of 'Gold Canary', peppered as it is with yodelling yelps and lullaby chants, could have been a post Funeral daydream of Arcade Fire.

I had myself a lovely little time with Cloud Control, and it made me a bit sad to admit there may be some truth in my gig playmate's prediction that they won't progress beyond venues like the Luminaire... But here's hoping that with a following wind and a bit of gung-ho, many more ears will be enjoying their luminous pop.

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