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Adorable - Hebden Bridge Trades Club

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From all the early 90s bands that have reformed in recent years, perhaps the biggest surprise announcement of them all was that Adorable were getting back together, albeit for a brief, but welcome run of shows.

Appearing out of Coventry into the consciousness in 1992 as Creation Records' new great hope and with a bunch of highly acclaimed singles behind them, Adorable were briefly lauded but then very quickly pilloried, with accusations of arrogance thrown at them from the music press who quite conveniently attributed this as a positive for Creation's next major signing, Oasis. Adorable seemed to be unlucky with their timings, surfacing after the initial rush of Shoegaze had died down and before the swagger of Britpop was inflicted on us. After two albums the band broke up after running out of steam while on tour in Europe, gone but certainly not forgotten, judging by the feverish reaction to their reappearance. Announcing an anniversary tour, marking 25 years after their split, the small run of gigs at Hebden Bridge and London was a celebration of their existence and a beautiful way to go out on your own terms.

From the opening bass rumbles of 'I'll Be Your Saint' right through to the jubilant and poignant 'A To Fade In' their second date in Hebden Bridge was an absolute blast, enjoyed in full by a rapturously excited audience who had travelled from all over the world to get a last glimpse of the band in such an intimate venue. The band were certainly enjoying it, from Robert Dillam's enthusiasm and beaming smiles, Wil's constant facial expression and odd poses, on a par with Ron Mael from Sparks, alluring throughout, and Kev Gritton's laughter from behind the drums. Pete Fij though was the centre of attention and though utterly focussed, he was totally at ease and relaxed between songs, announcing the call of a 'new-ish track' (from album #2 in 1994) after much ribbing from the audience and stating the band would be back in 2044.

With the singles 'Vendetta', 'Sunshine Smile', 'Sistine Chapel Ceiling' and especially 'Favourite Fallen Idol', with its rawkous abrasiveness setting off the first of many 'moshes' tonight, being obvious crowd favourites it's the sanguine 'Summerside' with just Pete and Robert on stage, that's a real joyous surprise tonight, a vulnerable number that strips away the effects and lays the band bare. The highlight was 'Breathless', with its beautiful and haunting descending chords, high end bass and Pete's yearning vocals, it was a wonder to experience in the flesh and a gorgeous closer to an exhilarating main set.

The encore neatly summed up Adorable's back catalogue from the frenetically barbed but still poppy 'Crash Sight', through fan favourite and hypnotic 'Homeboy' to the deeply melodic and understated closer 'A To Fade In' with its rather apt lyrics “I don't want to fade out, I want to fade in, I want to fade in”.

It's a shame if this is the last we see of Adorable, who are adamant these few dates are the last they'll perform as a group, but if it is it was a privilege to see finally see them, after missing out in the early 90s and judging by the amazing response of the audience and their dedicated fanbase, everyone certainly left on a fantastic high.

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Never actually heard these guys but I'm intrigued. Ace write up!

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Am also intrigued ACE up! Gotcha!

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