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The Mysterines & Casino Rockets - The Lantern, Halifax

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The Mysterines & Casino Rockets, The Lantern, Halifax
The Mysterines & Casino Rockets, The Lantern, Halifax

Halifax is very much on the cultural map these days. The Orielles continue to make waves whilst the town itself has benefitted over the last few years from various regeneration projects, arts initiatives, and new music venues opening.  The Lantern is one such space, a 150 capacity first floor room that opened its doors for the first time a little over a year ago.  

Opening tonight is Casino Rockets, a local 4 piece who by all accounts have only played a handful of gigs prior to tonight's show.  In spite of this, they sound and look like a band that has been playing together for years.  They combine the more intelligent aspects of indie rock with elements of electronica to create a sound that never really settles on a single template and consequently keeps you completely engaged.  The tunes are loud, often propulsive; I’m reminded of The Early Years, Doves and the later releases of Spoon.  There could be countless other influences or possible comparisons but mostly they just sound like themselves I decide.    They play an enthusiastically received forty-minute set ending with the excellent single ‘Black and Red’.  It’s a self-assured performance that will almost certainly ensure them further exposure.  

The Mysterines are an altogether different prospect.  They are a girl fronted trio from Liverpool who are apparently all still in their teens and haven’t officially released any music yet save for one online single.  This doesn't stop them from delivering an unrelenting set of raucous blues/psych rock.  They have been receiving plenty of rave reviews for their live shows this year and it’s easy to see why with this kind of incendiary playing.  The vocal delivery of Lia who also plays lead guitar is sensational, pitched somewhere between Patti Smith and the growl of the Kings of Leon debut.  Backed by pounding drums and bass it’s an impressive albeit short set but an undeniably enjoyable one. Definitely, another to watch out for. 

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