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Hypoluxo - Green Bench, St. Petersburg

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Hypoluxo - Green Bench, St. Petersburg
Hypoluxo - Green Bench, St. Petersburg

It was a homecoming of sorts for up and coming group Hypoluxo Sunday night as they highlighted an evening of music at St. Petersburg’s Green Bench Brewing Company. The guys in the group all hail from Florida, but are currently residing in the musical hotbed of Brooklyn. The band is on tour supporting their LP, “Running On A Fence”, and their set list consisted of cuts from that freshly minted disc.

From the opening tune “Huckleberry”, through other highlights such as “Insecure” and “Jimmy Whispers”, the high level of talent contained in this quartet was instantly recognizable. Guitarists Samuel Cogen and Carmen Riordan made the strings sing and bassist Eric Jaso was front and center with a strong foundation. Drummer Marco Ocampo also was notable for energetic and creative skin pounding.

Hypoluxo is working their way up the musical ladder to success with infectious melodies, way above average lyrical content and a professionalism seldom found in a group this young. With a break or two, they could be running with the big boys. The “raw talent” isn’t really raw. Cogen, the lyrical mastermind for the band, is already a charismatic frontman not afraid to banter with the audience or to tease fellow band members. (apparently, Jaso is capable of bench pressing considerably more than his weight?!?) His deep-throated vocals also are pleasing to the ear and give each tune a soothing personality.

If you get a chance to see Hypoluxo, take advantage of it. Before very long, I’m predicting it's going to get a lot more expensive for the privilege.

It was an all-Florida lineup at the GBBC as Ft. Lauderdale based Supergold opened the show. Playing as a quintet the band put on a 40-minute performance of indie rock highlighted by the vigorous and spirited stage presence of vocalist Alex Alston. Considering the rather small performance area the band had to work with, Alston got every last inch available for stage dancing and head flinging. The lineup of three guitars and a drummer behind him did a masterful job of keeping the music in tune with his strong vocals. The band recently released a single, “Moneylover”, and is working on an upcoming EP.

Tampa trio mtvh1n1  was the second performer of the evening. Their experimental style of rock contained some impressive lead guitar work from guitarist-vocalist Danny Dalen. Attention-getting tempo changes made their music stand out and kept drummer Tim Anderson on his toes, and the tallest person I have ever seen play a bass guitar, Stratton Roberts, was just as remarkable for his four-string capabilities. They played a short but sweet set that left the audience wanting more.

It's a long road to success in the music business and this evening highlighted three groups who are still on the outskirts but headed in the right direction. With a little luck and some good karma, any one (or all) of the three could be coming to a larger venue near you in the not too distant future.

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