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Big Chill House - Step In - Big Chill House

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Despite scheduled headliner DJ Silkie pulling out, and a 12-midnight rather than 3am close, the remaining line up at Big Chill House did not let down the crowd with a series of sets encompassing a mixture of house and urban styles.

GETME! collective member DJ Lixo played reasonably upbeat house atop the white mixing deck with a good base but laid back enough for the growing crowd's level of energy at that earlier point in the evening. Nods to more urban styles included a fresh take on Mujava's Township Funk, and an hour into the set a couple of dubstep numbers were followed by a slightly more urban and relaxed style, the calm before the start of Jet Letts harder and more energetic set - arguably the most striking of the night.

Initially sounding more like hard house, Jet soon introduced one of two MCs who would contribute to the next two sets, but initially stuck to more of a house than dubstep or urban sound. Jet describes his style as dub/Afro-beat/experimental on what so far exists of his MySpace page (currently under construction), and it certainly proved to be the latter, with a range of sounds creeping into what could be broadly described as house. These included touches of garage, Afro-beat and what the MC described to the crowd as "old skool vibes". Some more chilled and slower beats then allowed for some attractive melodies to come through, before Jet finished off with some harder faster beats, more fitting for the dance floor which had now come to life.

R&B and hip-hop DJ/producer Mizz Beats then delivered a short set with slower but much heavier beats, a good contrast to the speed and ferocity of Jet's performance.

London grime station Rinse FM's Alex Nut rounded up the night in his own style, which has been described as "the future sounds of hip hop." The base was slow but less heavy than Mizz Beats, and upbeat enough to bring the crowd back to the floor even with the inclusion of some more ambient sounds. Alex played his set on vinyls as oppose to his earlier colleagues who combined them with Apple Mac.

While the music fitted the bank holiday Sunday mix of bar goers and warming-up clubbers, it would definitely lend itself to a longer and harder night, so it would be worth trying to catch these guys doing longer sets. But the eclectic mix undoubtedly suited Big Chill House, where the relaxed and friendly crowd encompassed different ages, fashions and levels of energy, in stylish but not overly fussy surroundings. This evening was focused round the main bar and dance floor on the ground floor but Big Chill has a much bigger capacity with an upper floor including an open-air terrace, unfortunately too cold to draw anyone other than a few nicotine addicts, but which should come into its own if a barbeque summer finally emerges.

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