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Hinds - Crowbar, Tampa, Florida

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Hinds - Crowbar, Tampa, Florida
Hinds - Crowbar, Tampa, Florida

Making their first foray into Florida on a three-night run and whether they knew it or not, Madrid based Hinds fittingly dropped into the heart of Tampa’s Spanish heritage in Ybor City.  For a Tuesday night, the cozy confines of indie stalwart Crowbar filled in pretty well by the time our heroes took the stage.  The crowd up front, in particular, was pretty frenzied after hanging with the band in the club’s courtyard. 

It felt like a good chunk of the crowd were personal friends of the band, but I’m going to chalk it up the ladies' infectious mingling with the crowd.  Being down in the crowd for the openers’ sets made it clear that they were part of the party, not just the hosts.   

First up were across the Bay locals, FayRoy.  The foursome sounded like they were starting with a cover of the Beatle’s ‘I Feel Fine’, but the mildly psyched ‘Make It Out Alive’ had its own groovy rewards.  Navigating from blues-based tunes to the surf rock set highlight of ‘I Had That Feeling Myself’, the band’s influences definitely haven’t migrated beyond 1965 (nor had the lead singer’s pants for that matter).  To mix things up the band’s drummer gamely slogged through a couple of back to back songs, before the group closed with the slow blues of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

If you need a band to work a crowd into a lather before the main act takes the stage, you could do a heck of a lot worse than Miami’s Mustard Service.  Working from last year’s ‘Zest Pop’ album the band has their jazzy pop chops down and it melds well with lead singer Marco Rivero Ochoa’s nasally Jonathan Richman styled “I could give a shit” insouciance.  There was no doubt this band was here to start the party and had been having a great time touring around with Hinds.  All four Hinds members were right up front dancing at some point during their set with an entourage of folks it seemed they had just met.  From the bass player determined to face away from the crowd (lasted about two songs) to lead guitarist Gabriel Marinuchi jumping into the crowd on set closer cover ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, the band was here to charm and that they did.  The locked in groove of ‘Get Fucked’ made for a perfect mid-set call to get the crowd dancing ’til the end.  Dissing The Strokes on their intro to ‘Homie’ the boys showed that with the right song the people of Tampa do apparently dance.  With Ochoa’s voice at his most drawled out, ‘Takin’ Up Space’ showed that the band had moved well past the late night hangover they claimed to have.  Mustard Service proved to be wholly entertaining and had the crowd poised to pop.  Well worth seeking out their live show or checking out their tunes.

Touring on the strength of their scrappy and hook-filled I Don’t RunHinds (Carlotta Cosials (vocals/guitar); Ana García Perrote (vocals/lead guitar); Ade Martín (bass); Amber Grimbergen (drums)) took the stage surprisingly quickly riding the energy in the club.  Starting with the thunderous bass notes of album opener ‘The Club’, the crowd was buzzing about before Perrote’s lead line and her and Cosials mingled vocals even kicked in.  Pressed in at the front of the stage, the fuzzed out notes were felt as much as they were heard.  ‘Soberland’ sounded fantastic early in the set and was followed with the band in conga line mode for their cover of Kevin Ayer’s ‘Caribbean Moon’.  In spite of the fun face the band puts out there, it is obvious they are also working hard at their art and it was nowhere more obvious than in Grimbergen’s furious drumming on a new song they were trying out. 

Showing their range, I wouldn’t have really expected a mosh pit to form at a Hinds show and certainly not on ‘Easy’, but that’s what happened.  Someone’s drink flew my way and with a splash in the face (and mouth), it’s safe to say that if you are going to mix it up to Hinds that Malibu rum is a fitting way to go.  The punk energy of earlier song ‘Garden’ contrasted well with the sultry ‘Linda’, where Grimbergen’s drumming again stood out.  Maybe Cosials' intro about weird times in America to lead into the funnest song about infidelity there is, ‘Tester’, made more sense than it seemed.  Self-described as four Spanish girls just happy to be there any politics were limited to Martín’s Trump “Nope” sticker obscured by the strings on her bass.  The call and response between Cosials and Perrote was electric on ‘Bamboo’ and pulling Mustard Service back on stage for Thee Headcoats’ ‘Davy Crockett’ freed the leaders up to lean into the crowd.  A two-song encore kicked off by ‘New For You’ was so fueled with the energy between the band and crowd that I’m not even sure what they closed with. 

Their brisk and energetic set left no doubt that Hinds can bring the songs and the party with them wherever they go.  But they are partying with a purpose to be a great and hard working band and in that they are undoubtedly succeeding.  If hard work is its own reward, they are getting paid handsomely.  Sign me up for whenever they are coming through town and check them out if you get a chance.  Their US tour wraps at Desert Daze in California before a UK/European run in November.  Oh, and to answer Cosials question of the audience, yes Ana is very tall.  Viva Hinds!              

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