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Beck - Madison Square Garden, New York

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Beck - Madison Square Garden, New York
Beck - Madison Square Garden, New York

When Beck (finally) released Colors last year…I didn’t hate it, I hated what it represented…or might have represented; I had some pretty weird thoughts in my review…but one thing was undeniable: it was colorful. And not the standard spectrum of colors we’re used to seeing as humans, this motherfucker INVENTED colors for this album. Then he called down lightning from some other planet’s sky to supercharge the damn thing before unleashing it upon the masses.

That energy persisted and thrummed throughout Beck's performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden except during the small island of intimacy which featured “Lost Cause”, “Blue Moon” and the first performance of One Foot In The Grave's “Girl Dreams” in 15 years*. While the brief, almost acoustic interlude did seem a bit forced, it was still a beautiful, if unnecessary, respite from the vibe of its surroundings.

As the entire show was as close to perfect as I’ve ever experienced**, it should be hard to say anything stood out***, but, in the midst of “Where It’s At”, Beck cut things off to share with the audience the importance of what New York and this, his first appearance at MSG, meant to him. There were also a few special guests, including Britt Daniel, who joined the band for “Dear Life” and Spoon’s “I Turn My Camera On”, and a quick, acrobatic cameo from Beck’s longtime super-bassist, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who took a few moments to help annihilate the place on "E-Pro”.

The whole evening coruscated and crackled and I’ve now come to accept Colors for what Beck intended it to be, something bright and vivid and energetic to help alleviate everything wrong with the world. This tour is a living extension of that mission.

Beck and his astonishing 7-piece band are taking a few weeks off before returning to the road. Make sure you don’t miss this.

* Performed with Jenny Lewis, who delivered a perfect opening set for the evening.

** Although I could always have done with more from Midnite Vultures.

*** But, if you’re twisting my arm for my favorite moments, I’d have to say “Mixed Bizness”, “I’m So Free”, “Dear Life”, “Girl”, “Colors”, “E-Pro” and Lou Reed’s “Waiting For My Man”.

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