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Teenage Fanclub - Manchester Academy 2

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Indie-loving cattle; that's what we were. Crammed into Manchester Academy 2, the Fannies' fans delighted when they took to the stage on the first night of their Shadows tour, although I couldn't tell if Sir Cliff or Hank Marvin were backstage.

Opening with new material from the album, the first track 'Sometimes…' and 'The Past' suffered slightly from sound balance problems but soon settled once Man-Made's 'It's All in My Mind' got the crowd going. "You like the old stuff?" asked Norman Blake after launching into a cracking version of 'Don't Look Back' from their best album, Grand Prix.

New single 'Baby Lee' gelled seamlessly with the more established tracks; Blake's softly set guitar well suited to Love's more crunchy strumming. The rest progressed much as expected, each track met with a chorus of approval from adoring fans, eager to see a glimpse of their favourite band after such a long hiatus. Bringing out the xylophone on 'You're Love is the Place…' Blake feels the crowd is owed an apology for the delay, although it's the second of the night after coming in late on 'I Don't Want Control of You's quick intro. Things are bound to be slightly rusty; and no one minds much.

Once 'The Concept's fuzzy guitar intro begins the crowd's enthusiasm swells further, almost drowning out the vocals with a beered-up shouty chorus, continuing long past 'Sparky's Dream's final chords.

Those desperate for early material didn't leave disappointed as, after a painfully slow version of new song 'Today Never Ends' (nor did the song, sorry), we're treated to a rip-roaring 'Star Sign' before closing out the set with early hit 'Everything Flows'. For a band many have already written off as middle-aged, there's a youthful exuberance to the second half of the show. Perhaps it's being out on the road again, perhaps it's the crowd's friendly energy. Whatever it is, get out and see them soon and feel like a teenager all over again.


Sometimes I Don't Need To Believe In Anything
The Past
Its All In my Mind
Don't Look Back
Baby Lee
Shock and Awe
I Don't Want Control Of You
About You
Sweet Days Waiting
Your Love Is The Place
The Concept
Aint That Enough

When I Still Have Thee
Sparky's Dream
Today Never Ends
Star Sign
Everything Flows

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Can't wait to see them next Friday at the cockpit Leeds . Just listening to the
new album shadows sounds good on first play.

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Great review Dan, setlist, picture of setlist, videos... you've set the bar.

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Cheers! Great gig!

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