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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The Basement, Nashville

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The Basement, Nashville
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The Basement, Nashville

Embarking on the first tour of your band’s hopefully blossoming career can be defined through a number of sentiments. Exhilarating, yes, but also full of mystery and ambiguity. The Aussie collective known as Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have an undeniable mouth full of a name, but their hot popularity continues to tidal wave across indie radars all over. Obviously, up and down the golden coast of Australia, their presence is known. What seemed to be a distant reach to tap into markets of America is now not as difficult after signing to beloved indie label, Sub Pop. So far, the impact has been a piston busting engine rev, sweeping the nation slowly from Australia to the Pacific Northwest to New York. Their infectious garage jangle has been awfully hard to ignore, rightfully so.

For now, the stage has been set low, literally, as Rbcf is vigorously integrating themselves to reputable indie venues across the United States. Most of my Thursday, I was looking forward to seeing these emerging legends headlining in this modestly sized venue. RBCF is in a peculiar spot where they could commence on a headlining US/Europe tour or they could open up for another artist without a substantially larger following group. One is dicier than the other, but in larger markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, they will easily achieve sold out shows in many of these smaller venues. Cities like Nashville, Atlanta, and DC have staunch indie presences, but continue to stagnate with developing acts.

My expectation for the crowd size was noticeably overturned when the first song opened up to a mere 30 audience members. With that being said, we were 30 strong with unparalleled enthusiasm and an approaching buzz. Despite crowd size, RBCF made this show feel stress-free, entertaining a contained mass with over joyous head bobbing. Without a debut album, many of the fans there were already anticipating their recently released EP work, like “Talking Straight,” “Mainland”, and “French Press.” Of course, most people who were there were also expecting originals like “Wide Eyes” or “Career” from their first ever EP release Talk Tight

The flash grenade that was their performance was satisfying even if its shortness. This performance was only an abbreviation of what is to come from this dynamic Australian outfit. Their puncturing jangle pop is infectious and cheerfully simplistic throughout every composition. Given sometimes to accrue their fan base, it is only a matter of months before their charismatic innocence sweeps through like rippling tidal wave through the great barrier reef.

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