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Her Name is Calla and Worriedaboutsatan - Manchester Nexus Art Cafe

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It's Friday night and it's a debut trip to Manchester's Nexus Art Cafe, a strange place in the basement of a city centre building. The room is adorned with sofas, random lamps, odd artwork and visuals. Hot chocolate, teas and juices are the order of the day here, as the bar is sadly a dry one.

Leeds' electro-gazers Worriedaboutsatan are up first. A great name for a band who released the decent Arrivals album last year on the excellent Gizeh label. Both members stand behind various knobs and electronic boxes and pummel the audience with bleeps and repetition, similar to Four Tet or a calmer Fuck Buttons, but also at times add a swathe of shoegazing-style guitar over the mix, which adds to the melody and improves the sound. Both are enthusiastic and react intensively to their music, but the performance while meandering on nicely, does not have any real originality and the set lasts about 10 minutes too long.

Headliners and fellow Leeds (though they're originally from Leicester) group Her Name is Calla are on the first night of their UK tour and on their first trip to Manchester. The band live are an intense but terrific experience with a delicate balance of quiet and loud moments, glorious and heartfelt vocals from Tom Morris and great trombone and violin backing to the traditional guitar, bass and vocals set-up. Sadly the set is rather cursed by interference in the guitar amplifier, picking up a local radio station producing terrible r&b, which affects the band's performance, particularly on the quieter moments. What this forces the band to do, though, is to play angrier and louder, which adds to a simply blistering performance on the night. Tracks 'Nylon' and 'Long Grass' - the latest single, an acoustic number with added banjo, thankfully not affected by the guitar interference, are highlights, but the best is left to last with a deliriously cathartic performance of 'New England', where heavy riffing and shrieking violin get all heads nodding in the crowd.

On the whole a great performance, under the circumstances, and definitely a band to watch for the future...

Steve Rhodes

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