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Mother Feather - Tokyo X Brooklyn, Brooklyn

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There was a young girl named Melina* in front of me at Mother Feather's second Tokyo X Brooklyn show. She knew all the lyrics, had her face painted like that of lead singer Ann Courtney, and didn't stop thrashing once during their hour long set. After the show, I saw her meet Lizzie and Ann. I saw the light in her soul beaming out through her eyes as she talked with them and had her picture taken with them. This might have been one of the best days of that little girl's life...and when she's president, things are going to be awesome.

As for the show itself, this was the largest venue in which I've seen MF (Brooklyn Expo Center) and they filled it like some kind of purple gas that makes those exposed dance and sweat and headbang. The set consisted of some brand new tracks, including 'Man, I Wish You Were Here' and the debut of 'Red Hot Metal', both of which sounded excellent while perhaps a little less playful than the vibe of their first album, which came out a year ago this month. They also performed 'I.C.U.' and fan favorite, 'Totally Awesome'. Their older stuff was just as soaring as always; 'Natural Disaster' may have actually caused the tectonic plates underneath this region of North America to shift a few picometers, but to be clear, I am not a geologist.

Speaking with Ann and Lizzie afterwards, I learned that work continues of MFLP2** and that the first single is coming soon.

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* Or it might have been "Meleah", my ears weren't really in any shape to hear things at that point

** Not the actual title 

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