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Hotel #4 - Partisan Hotel/Caldo Verde Records

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Hotel #4 - Partisan Hotel/Caldo Verde Records
Hotel #4 - Partisan Hotel/Caldo Verde Records

The fourth in an ongoing series, Hotel #4 is a collaborative publication between Partisan Hotel and Caldo Verde records that is “dedicated to new approaches to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.”  

And while all of that sounds wonderful, the merit in any collection such as this often boils down to the quality of the content itself.  In that regard, Hotel #4 is a fascinating read.  With entries ranging from journal-esque anecdotal musings to dense, thought-provoking prose (and even the odd short story thrown in for good measure), Hotel #4 has a little of something for everyone.

With a pool of contributing authors that includes musicians (Bill Callahan a.k.a. Smog, Mark Kozelek), actors (Nona Fernandez), film-makers (David Lowery), artists (Jason Shulman), as well as long list of writers, Hotel #4 is essentially a literary mixtape, presenting dozens of ideas in varying states of refinement.

As stated in the accompanying press-release, Hotel #4’s various entries are thematically connected, as “each piece is a variation on some kind of blue, each piece harboring some kind of blue intimation.”

Highlights include:

-Mark Kozelek’s Yellow Kitchen, a collection of journal-esque observations (“People say ‘Mark, why don’t you play Katy Song?’, ‘Because she passed away, people, and I don’t sing that one to cell phones’).

-Bill Callahan’s Thirteen Letters to Emma, which is a series of candid responses to an unknown recipient.

-Leah Sophia Dworkin’s Tuesday at Six?, a captivating short story that tells of a vivid liaison between two mysterious characters.

A final section providing short bios for the collection's numerous contributors is a nice touch as well, adding another layer of context for the potential reader who may otherwise only be familiar with a handful of the included authors.

Hotel #4 surpasses the oft-assumed expectation (at least when it comes to these sorts of collections) that one need be a fan of the authoring artists in order to enjoy its contents.  While a familiarity with the Caldo Verde roster will certainly add a level of depth to the reader’s enjoyment, most of the entries that comprise Hotel #4 stand on their own.

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