BAUHAUS UNDEAD: The Visual History and Legacy of Bauhaus

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What self-respecting Goth wouldn't want a Bauhaus coffee table book to go with their black candles? If you are in need, this scrapbook of tales and ephemera should suffice. One thing is evident from the start, these boys had much more of a sense of humor than some fans give them credit for. Nor did they take themselves as seriously as some critics believed.

Ironically entitled, Undead, it is as advertised. A visual history and legacy of a band that spawned a thousand Goths. Not that it was anything conscious on their part, they were simply following their bliss. There's plenty here to lift the veil off their vampiric, Gloom & Doom image. Peter Murphy smiling mischievously in an outtake from an iconic photo session. The boys playing football in broad daylight. Kevin Haskins' Visa Form to enter Japan.

Not to worry, there are plenty of glamorous live shots and Daniel Ash's grotesque doodles. There are also plenty of anecdotes, sure to give fans a backstage tour of what it was like to be in what many consider the original Goth band.The book is rife with ephemera from buttons to ticket stubs and posters. Single covers are on lavish display. Its like a virtual Bauhaus museum at your finger tips.  

For all their Dark Entries and Hollow Hills, the one word I would use to describe this band is, whimsical. To me they were never dark and self-serious but good campy fun. And more than anything that is what Undead reveals.

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