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Death Grips - Bottomless Pit

by Amy Putman Rating:10 Release Date:2016-07-29

Dear Death Grip,

This might seem forward, since we've never met, and I'm ashamed to admit I only heard of you a few days ago, but please may I come and live with you?

It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy. Under the mixing desk; curled in the corner of the studio; in your garage. As long as I get to be near where the music is made, I'm not fussy.

Perhaps I am not being clear. I suppose I don't exactly want to live with you, the people. I want to live IN your creation. IN the music.

Just listening to it constantly isn't enough.  Deleting everything else from my mp3 player isn't enough. Blasting in directly into my head isn't enough. I need to feel it from the inside.  I need to be one with it.

It's the way you have perfectly combined so many elements I love. Expert vocals, weaving poetically expressed words into shifting rhythms that tug the soul into different moods and make me wind my body in the street.  pared down beats that are amped into red hot energy with crunchy electronic notes and peals that could come from industrial or dub equally,  yet never jar or feel like addenda.  The way the sound smashes you in the face, not violent, but like a thunderbolt of joy, leaving you discombobulated in the happiest way and craving more. Lyrics that make things clear without heavy handedness.  Just enough tune to get stuck in your head. Varying speeds to suck you in like a vortex. One you have no desire to escape. Perfectly chosen additions, whether sample or collaboration.  Rich,  deep voices,  spinning between bold and gravelly. 

What I'm trying to say, Death Grips, is that you're my favourite album of the year so far. Of the past two years, even. You've slid easily onto my permanent music collection and into my shortlist of bands I can listen to for days without cease. I've already listened to you so much I feel bereft without you pounding my ears.

In conclusion,  Death Grips, I know this is forward,  but I just want to be close to your sound. Please may I lie on the floor as it all comes together, experiencing something quasi - spirit; witnessing awesome creation.

Yours faithfully,
Your new super fan.


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That's some fucked up scrambled music. I kind of like it though. Reminds me the stuff put out by EL-P's Def Jux label a while back,even his Run the Jewels stuff

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Gonna look that up right now! Thanks for the recommendation

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The label Definitive Jux put out some bloody and dark urban DJ driven stuff but it's been a while. Cannibal Ox were pretty good from recall. Anyway hopefully...

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....not too far off the mark !

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Sounds great

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