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Dream the Electric Sleep - Beneath The Dark Wide Sky

by D R Pautsch Rating:4 Release Date:2016-07-24

Progressive rock isn't something that has actually progressed much to this reviewers ear.  Stuck in the 70's the bands who have been claimed to be in this genre  and have moved things on would probably run away screaming from that pigeon hole.  Dream The Electric Sleep release their third album and whilst they are labeled as prog they are so MOR its difficult how they can be given a prog label.

Beneath the Dark Wide Sky contains lots of epic sounding guitars, big choruses, ballad moments and sounds like a standard stadium rock act.  The problem is that its just a bit too bland to be noticed.  The Good Night Sky is a good example as its guitars and vocals should be enthralling and exciting.  However, it just inspires apathy.  It sounds like Jimmy Eat World or a similar artist without the effort. Its not bad.  Its just under whelming.  And that is the feel of the whole album.  There isn't enough originality to really make you want to come back.  The epic prog sound is scaled back too much and it just doesn't have enough about it to make it stand up in the mainstream.  A shame really as with a bit of oomph this could be something special.



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