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Volkova Sisters - Blood Shapes This Faith

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2016-08-02

Volkova Sisters are a three-piece band from Hungary now in England who borrowed their name from a cyberpunk novel by William Gibson and the dark electronica, mixed with moody guitar acoustics, and just plain wonderful song structures, make for a great new album called  Blood Shapes the Faith.

The first and title track sets a rich tapestry of moody dark electro-pop that doesn’t let up through any of the songs.  On a track like ‘Real Hunger’ they sound much like Ladytron but their influences don’t stop there.  There are strong elements of goth (‘Early’) and the moods they evoke, especially in the middle part of the album, beg comparisons to Fever Ray.

But the Volkova Sisters have their very own compelling take on dark electronica that is well worth listening to if you are a fan of such and the complexity of the mixes also have elements of shoegaze and industrial pop.

Blood Shapes the Faith is the latest from a unique band that started in 2009 in Hungary and are now located in England.  We should all be happy with that.  A much needed release in a vital and interesting genre.

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