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Salem's Pot - Pronounce This!

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2016-07-22

Doom metal has never latched onto me much anymore than heavy metal did back in the day.  While the lyrics are grotesque and horror movie quality, the campy vocals and droning guitars always lessen the pain or fear, so to speak.  Given that, Salem’s Pot’s newest release, Pronounce This! Is an entertaining metal waltz through most all the clichés the metal scene has to offer. (I mean, how seriously can you involve yourself in a song titled ‘The Vampire Strikes Back’?, which is probably the strongest track.)

This is a band of metal doom rockers who somehow think masks would help their delivery (Questionable).  And they certainly aren’t Goat, as they frankly after a few listens, start sounding way too much like Tony Iommi played by high schoolers.  These types of emulators of the first truly doom metal band just don’t get the fuzzy pounding reverb of Black Sabbath right, or the droning layers of head banging repetition correct.  Still, the songs at the top of the set try to fill in the metal sound nicely with ancient-sounding keyboards and his voice has a nerdy quality to it that engage the listener.

What song truly comes out of nowhere is the Crazy Horse backed by Lou Reed sounding track, ‘So Gone, So Dead.’  This is the most thoughtfully rendered track and isn’t metal at all, but excellent.  Perhaps Salem’s Pot try too hard and can be real song writers after all?  But then the album ends uneventfully with a truly dull track called ‘Desire.’

This isn’t an overwhelmingly strong album, but I keep easing back into it occasionally.  It’s campy metal fun, for the most part, and since they proudly proclaim the prodigious amounts of acid they consume, perhaps they might even come out with a complete and interesting album sometime.

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If the devil was a pot smoker, he'd sound like this ?

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