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Trust Punks - Double Bind

by Sean Hewson Rating:7 Release Date:2016-08-01

Double Bind is New Zealand band Trust Punks' second album and it's a good 'un.

There are a few contrasting elements to their music. There's a wayward side like the Magic Band, The Hampton Grease Band or Wowee Zowee-era Pavement. There's also a Slint/early Emo side, especially to some of their arpeggios. Sometimes these two sounds combine, as on the intro to Pig. There are also bits or drone, noise and even some quiet piano (on Double Bind). Rhythmically they often work together as a band to build up complicated rhythms, much like Stereolab did but without sounding anything like Stereolab. This is best heard on the extended ending to Bank Of God where they also slowly introduce little sounds (which is also a very Stereolab thing to do, and a bit Tubular Bells).

The vocals are usually delivered by two or more voices. Often shouting. Sometimes, as on Leaving Room For The Lord, shouting different things. It can be quite confusing, which is entirely in keeping with the rest of the album. There's the feeling of structure but also the feeling that you're not far from total chaos. The overall feeling is that this is a very talented bunch. The guitar and bass lines are complicated and always interesting. The drumming is exceptional throughout, especially the Jaki Liebezeit-like pattern on Riding It Out.

Having not heard of the Trust Punks before, Double Bind comes as a very nice surprise. Structured weirdness.

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I'm liking this. There's a few bands around now making this kind of sound, like Omni and Viet Cong

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