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No Joy - Drool Sucker

by Mark Steele Rating:7 Release Date:2016-07-16

The earth has been moved again and then settled again, though this time it is at the hand of Montreal's No Joy. Their EP Drool Sucker hands us three tracks , which apparently is a part of series of which more will arrive later in the year. Drool Sucker could slingshot us on a sonic journey that it skilfully knits together Noise Rock, Shoegaze and Dream Pop in way that can take you in any direction of these styles at anytime.

The primary route on the journey is 'A Thorn In Garland's Side', a phone calling tone plays will a half-time drum beat starts things up, then when the call is answered by 'Hello' Bam!, in comes the galloping noise-strom. The edge is taken off slighly for the ethereal vocals of Jasamin White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd to weave around the sonic wall. There is even a funky drum beat in here which gets the head nodding, though the song does unfortunately end rather quickly.

We then move onto the intially thumpng shoegaze of 'Xo Adams getting Married', which slows down to half speed for the vocals to be heard, the infectious harmony and melody when the mantra-type line is sang,  This section seems to lean towards 90's grunge - akin to Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. It really grips you - even finding it in your head at some point after listening.

The EP brightens up into a more conventional alt-rock feel on finale 'Theme Song'.which has some high end harmonies and a relentless organ, plus guitar and rhythm section which pummels along at half-speed then eases up on the verses.  A building pre-chorus the allows the band to shine on this song.

Drool Sucker continue to build upon their already established Noisepop base, the expectation for more of the same is definitely at hand.






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No Joy - Drool Sucker - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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