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SPC ECO - Anomalies

by Rob Jones Rating:7 Release Date:2016-08-19

In 2015 SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) released the acclaimed Dark Matter and under a year later the follow up Anomalies is correct and present. Dean Garcia, ex Curve, and his vocalist daughter Rose Berlin, aim for the stars with some ethereal sounds. There is definitely elements of the mellifluous melancholia of Curve across a record that also has the taste of the Elizabeth Fraser-Massive Attack collaboration.

However, on the whole trademark Garcia techniques take the listener back to the haunting highlights of his time with Toni Halliday.

The whispered angelic vocals of Berlin are layered on to an array of landscapes that in the main are predominantly heavenly-and, the demonic juggernaut charge central to the Curve mantra is absent. Anomalies can float across both minimalist beats or technological wizardry-but, at no time does the aural aerial turn from treading clouds to a violent downpour.

SPC ECO’s mission is towards the epic and any emotional wreckages will not be volleyed via an angry assault of angst, Anomalies aspires to soften the blow; as a last ditch throw of the dice has a couple struggle to rescue an already doomed and diminishing relationship. There is subtlety in the sorrow even when the sadness spirals.

This is the other side of shoegaze without the buzz-saw guitars drilling their way in to your grey matter. This sounds of this nine track affair can gently lead the listener in to their morning or smoothly slip the audience out of their day. Silent Maybe, sublime definitely! An exclamation mark appears to be wrong in amongst an assessment of these tunes. SPC ECO are A-OK and another album is set for release later in the year.

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Several of my own SPC ECO reviews are included on Soundblab and this one sounds like another winner from Dean and daughter

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Its an upward Curve!

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