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Mos Generator - Abyssinia

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2016-07-15

Slugging it out since the noughties, Mos Generator have got that blend of heavy rock and soulful drive which has been sorely lacking, and yet not altogether unheard of. Abyssinia brings they brand of what modern rock should be ever closer to the “wider audience”.

‘Strangest Times’ is quite a fitting track for this band, with their music seemingly out of place in modern times, there’s some gnarly solo work early on which is a refreshing change up of the templated rock you’ll hear elsewhere, but sets up a tough track to follow.

If you’ve been missing Canadian rockers Priestess since their demise, then you might find a lot of joy on this record. ‘Catspaw’ has that mix of soldiering drums and thunder riffage, all without the garbled yelling most people would associate with this genre. Tony Reed is in fact a very measured vocalist, if not the most powerful - his voice gives the tracks what they need without pretending he’s reeling off a doom-rock mantra.

‘Red Canyosn’ injects pace into the tracklisting, almost sounding like Foo Fighters at their heaviest - the further you go, the more you get, something not all these tracks have. That’s the flaw of the majority of the tracks on the album, leaving you hungry for something just out of reach.

No song outstays it’s welcome however, which feels like a cheap bonus given how exploratory this kind of music can be. If you can roll with the punches then you’ll be much rewarded in a showering of slamming guitars and melodies of another age.

Between the Black Sabbath sounds and the sometimes proggy tendencies - closing track ‘Outlander’ tries hard to replicate space-rock of The Sword but doesn’t quite get there - this is just a downright decent listen, not necessarily your favourite rock album of the year, but something good to fill up on for the journey there.

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