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Cosines - Transitions

by Jeff Penczak Rating:3 Release Date:2016-07-21

Resurrecting the name of the 1959 Carole King-Paul Simon duet, these London krautpoppers released this self-explanatory-yet-cleverly-titled EP as a stop gap between their 2014 debut and next year’s sophomore full lengths. ‘Let’s Start It Over’ is a rambunctiously motorific, lo-fi stomper with Alice Hubley’s breathless vocals attempting to fit as many lyrics as possible inside a five minute pop song. Cheesy keyboards add to the fun.

‘Ra’ is not as “Sun”ny as one might expect (the naff, muffled drumkit is a dead giveaway). There’s not much of a “song” here, rather an abundance of ideas tossed together that don’t quite congeal. Hubley chants over wobbly synths, but not much else happens. ‘Elsewhere, ‘Dunbar’ is a stale, warmed-over Big Audio Dynamite retread, and closer ‘Chaos Theory’ has more of the former than the latter. Nice Debbie Harry impersonation and accordion solo, though. Let’s hope they get it together in time for the new album. This should’ve just been released as a single.

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