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Fireworks - Black And Blue EP

by Sean Hewson Rating:6 Release Date:2016-07-21

The Fireworks are purveyors of good, old-fashioned, indie-pop, played on guitars. They are also charmingly inept. Of course, this is totally fine in indie; especially when it comes, as it does here, with lots of enthusiasm.

Most of the songs on this EP follow a similar pattern - sped-up Spector drums, strummed guitar (often joined later by a simple lead line), root note bass and slightly wonky singing. The best song here is The Ghost Of You which has borrowed most of its chords from Address Book by The Pastels. But it's still a fine song. All The Time is pleasant enough but a bit unadventurous in its chords and melody. Bury Me is more distorted, closer to the Manhattan Love Suicides without matching their song-writing ability. Go So Slow is as basic as you can get. It starts out like Beat Happening before the combination of Mo Tucker drums and some really rudimentary violin turns it into a slightly clumsy tribute to The Velvet Underground.

High on charm and enthusiasm, but rather low on ability there is, however, enough here to interest fans of C86 indie who like their bands to try hard without showing off.

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