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Slow Season - Westing

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:10 Release Date:2016-07-21

Slow Season has a reputation for a derivative heavy blues sound. On their third effort Westing, they solidify such opinions. This Derby based band brings their influences to bear with gusto and plenty of bottom.

“Y’Wanna” bursts down the door with a metal Bo Diddley sensibility, cascading downhill like a boulder. If not for the classic guitar solo fadeout, this could almost pass as murky punk. “Damascus” continues the Sabbathy sludge rock theme with a frantic guitar squeal thrown in for good measure.

“Saurekönig” is the trippiest of the lot, with a hypnotic psychedelic melody punctuated by Valhallan vocals, it reminds me of old Nazareth or some of Zeppelin’s denser compositions. “Rainmaker” features a typical heavy metal riff and the sexy Robert Plant sound of the influences they pay constant homage to throughout.  “The Jackal” moves in sluggish fits and spurts like a zombie slow dance before a meandering guitar solo slithers in to yield a heavy blues freak-out.

Comprised of eight one word tracks of thick, psychedelic, heavy rock, Slow Season’s Westing doesn’t so much borrow from their influences as they flat out heave a concrete block through the plate glass window and run off with their booty. Like a faded jean jacket festooned with patches of Led Zeppelin, Mountain, Sabbath, and scores of other plodding hard rock acts of the ‘70s, Slow Season wave their flag proudly. This is pure bong water, college day stoner rock, and by that I don’t mean The Dead. 

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