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Player Piano - Radio Love

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2016-07-06

Have you ever seen one of those Player Pianos?  You know, the one's that play music by themselves.  Chances are you have and it was roped off somewhere so no-one could touch it or interfere with it.  Well this Player Piano is very much a one man band.  Jeremy Radway is an American over in the UK making music by himself.  He has a love of a good pop tune and he's not ashamed to show it.  On this debut album the pop hooks come thick and fast and you are thrown back into a lush 70's pop sensibility.  Think Wings or even Supertramp and you are in the right ballpark.  

The title track is a glorious celebration of radio that starts like Supertramp's Dreamer and then goes into a stomping number that just oozes class.  I Feel You starts out as a ballad and ends up almost as a pop hymn, smooth and silky it just takes away your pretensions and wins your heart.  Kings and Queens changes it up a bit as it sounds like Tom Tom Club with a bit of reverse guitar thrown into the mix. Ideas and hooks are thrown out on every song and most hit their mark.

This is adult oriented pop done extremely well.  In another era this would be on the radio and begging you to run to the shops to buy it.  But like the Player Piano its a little out of its time.  For all its glorious lush pop sensibilities it has probably forgotten that pop isn't bought by adult much any more.  Its consumed on Spotify by adults, sure...but not bought.  Which is a shame as this is a great debut album

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