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M Craft - Blood Moon

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2016-06-21

M Craft (first name Martin) has travelled a bit.  Born in Canberra he spent time in London recording his first two albums and then decided to relocate to a cabin on the edge of the Mojave desert.  Wanting to record a piano album he used the sound of the desert to inspire him.  You would expect a sparse sounding album from those circumstances and the opening instrumental number, New Horizons, lives up to that billing.  However, what unfolds is at times lush, at other highly emotive but always very good.

It varies in its sound but if you imagine a slightly more beautiful, piano laden Sufjan Steven's Seven Swans/Michigan era you might be close.  The title track is almost cathedral like in its delicacy, the backing vocals sounding like a choir.  The moving Chemical Trails is a slow ballad of aching loveliness.The thought put into the arrangements can be heard in every note and the spaces in between.  Love is The Devil is a slow building number that mixes it up slightly into an almost anthemic ending.  Closing number Love is All plays with its arrangements to sound almost experimental but also very haunting.  The bitterness is there for all to hear.

This is a beguiling album of beauty and precision.  Its only slight downside is that it takes time to fully appreciate.  At first it feels like a soundtrack that has been lost from its movie.  But when you play it again it reveals that there is more than enough depth here to appreciate and marvel at.

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