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Male Gaze - King Leer

by Sean Hewson Rating:8 Release Date:2016-06-26

Male Gaze are made up of ex-members of Blasted Canyons, Mayyors, The Mall and Tiaras. King Leer is their puntastic debut album and it actually a lot of fun.

Male Gaze have a number of things going for them. Singer Matt Jones has a deep voice that is a bit goth, but also a bit Julian Casablancas. More importantly, it's distinctive. The rhythm section is tight but the songs seem loose. The drums are urgent, the bass often overdriven and the nine tracks race by quickly. They've got some great songs - Stupid Heart is as catchy as hell and Green Flash could be a big tune but they undersell it, which I love. The guitarists have thought about what they're doing. They have a different sound for each song, they have different parts - no one's just strumming along. They can sound heavy, as on Got It Bad or Easy To Void. They can jangle like Reckoning-era R.E.M. (Ranessa,Bad Omens). They also have some quite crafty touches like sticking a bit of acoustic under the riffs on Stupid Heart.

All in all this is a fine piece of work. Music to drink beer to that you can also listen to on headphones and work out who's doing what and why.


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