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CCR Headcleaner - Tear Down the Wall

by Mark Steele Rating:7 Release Date:2016-06-23

The 8-track rebel rouser from San Francisco Stoners CCR Headcleaner - Tear Down The Wall, emerges with a blast beat from an archaic womb, a darkstar arises with 'Peace Dub' an intense maelstrom with intervals of words echoed through the muddiness of fuzzed out/echoed guitars, bass and drums. The riff on 'I'm Alive' is quite effective and the arrangement seems very grunge - particularly early Nirvana.

A surreal moment in the intro for 'Moonsnow', with a very gothic haunting acoustic guitar, teeth-hurting violin scratches, horns, followed by a sudden gong splash. An electric guitar anthem type melody begins then all instruments behind a less fuzzy riff. Lots of wailing and then a speeding up to an all raging crescendo. One of the strongest songs on the album with a great 70's rock vibe 'Dreamsweep' has all the ingredients for a stoner epic, repetitive riff progression, inebriated heartache double-tracked vocals,  full on guitar bass and drums - tends to be close to the style of Black Sabbath.

The fuzz grinding juggernaut 'Eat This Riff', generates a Kyuss meets Garage punk presence. Raging guitars and drums slightly ease off for the screaming vocals to have their way. The beginning of 'Curl or Pearl' is standard stoner-rock, though later it has an scizophrenic burst of psych fuzz wah guitars doing their worse, then the track suddenly finishes. Title-track 'Tear Down The Wall' blasts in with stoner guitars riffing away and unearthly screams. They are even Billy Corgan-esque cries, but at the end we hear a total cacophonic meltdown - which noise rock meisters will enjoy, and needless to say it does eventually cool down.

The final track 'Brown Acid', holds true to its name and sound. Lots of Psych random effects are invoked over an acoustic guitar pattern, which then begins to allow melanchlic vocals to swirl around in a realm of lysergia. The drums add dramatic splashes, while at around 3 minutes vocal coos finalise the song.

It seems so varied does Tear Down The Wall, it begins with fuzzy Sludge-Grunge then later on from track 4 onwards the sound arrives at more of a Stoner-Glam Rock sound. CCR Headcleaner are indeed an oddity amongst many, and maybe even amongst themselves, yet it is exactly this uniqueness which will determine their longevity.

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