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Søren Juul - This Moment

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5 Release Date:2016-06-17

The comparisons between Soren Juul and Bon Iver aren’t hard to spot, and while the sounds have their points of overlap, this is definitely not someone trying to ride on the coattails of someone else. Indeed, he’s already released a debut under the moniker Indians, but This Moment sees him take the reins firmly in his own name.

Mixing the ethereal folk of the aforementioned Bon Iver, this album goes a step further in trying to create a transcendent feeling of euphoria. Electronics cascade and whoop, but more mimic more natural, worldly sounds than you’d expect from a straight up pop-electronic act.

‘Dear Child’ rests on the sound of a guitar swimming in and out of focus, throbbing, the dust of the vocals shadowed by gushing, electronics pulses. If anything, the layering of this unnatural sounds - which try very hard to create a natural atmosphere - is at odds with the measured vocals.

At times the vocals match the waves of ambient music, such as on ‘Don’t Want To Fool You’ which is one of the best tracks, sounding like modern version of The Shins taking on the genre. Other times though, the ambient sounds threaten to go beyond, threatening the calm exuded in the vocals. ‘Manly Beach’ is a prime example, echoing unnecessarily at the chorus; a stripped back approach, without the whistles and bells, might lend itself better.

‘Soulseeker’ has piano taking centre stage, reminding you of Keane and their more powerful, indie efforts. ‘Pushing Me Away’ is short lived and it would be interesting to see where this could have gone if the more melodious aspects of the vocals were followed.

This album feels like sunshine melting icy polygon shapes, the light bending in different ways. However, the overall feeling leaves you a little jaded and, cruelly, a little bored. There is very little to get excited about across the album and nothing feels like it warrants another listen. It’s by no means terrible, but there just isn’t any get-up-and-go, Soren Juul should consider going either full electronica or full ambient-folk - being stuck between the two helps nobody.

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